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Download and install actual version (V6.01)

The actual version is not included into the sourceforge CVS system.

  • You can download the last release (with sources) at sourceforge
  • To use it you only need to create two environment variables OCAMAWEB (where the OCAMAWEB files are) and OCAMAWEB_DEST (where you want to put the generated files).
  • You need to install ae, aegill and fullpage LaTeX packages (you can download them here.

If you use MiKTeX version of LaTeX (i.e. if you have dvipdfm LaTeX tool), you can use OCAMAWEB by :
ocamaweb matlabfile.m
It will produce the tex file, then compile it two times with LaTeX and one time with dvipdfm, producing a pdf file.
If you do not use MiKTeX, you will use :
ocamaweb matlabfile.m same_name.tex
It will only produce the tex file, you will need to compile it by you own (latex same_name.tex).

  • If you want to use OCAMAWEB with another programming language (the default one is MATLAB), edit or replace the ocamweb.xml file by another one.
  • You can use the ocamaweb.xml file to ask to OCAMAWEB to use another LaTeX system

Available config file

Actually, XML files are available for :

  • awk
  • r-project (i.e. S-plus)

See this link to download such configs.

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